Publications About CSUJAD

This is a growing list of the publications focused on the work of the California State University Japanese American Digitization Project:

Cauley, Alexandra Arai, and Christina Pappous. “The Ninomiya Photo Studio Collection.” Los Angeles Archivists Collective (blog), 2017.

Hirabayashi, Lane Ryo. “Everyday Sources about Life in the Camps: The Value of the Vernacular.” Essay written for CSU Japanese American Digitization Project, April 2015.

Johnston, George Toshio, “Into the Next Stage: Ninomiya Photo Archive, Wishes Granted,” The Rafu Shimpo, May 5, 2017,

Moore, Mary-Michelle. “And Then They Came For Us ….” CSUDH (blog), February 23, 2017.

Moreno, Nereida, “CSU System Will Digitize Experiences of Japanese-American World War II Internees,” Daily Breeze, June 23, 2015,

Nakagawa, Alan. Ninomiya Zine. Carson, CA: CSUDH Gerth Archives and Praxis Art, 2019.
[Click to view the zine]

Williams, Gregory L. “CSU Japanese American Digitization Project.” Society of California Archivists Newsletter, No. 259, 2016, pp. 12-13.

Williams, Gregory L. and Maureen Burns. “The Importance of Collecting, Accessing, and Contextualizing Japanese American Historical Materials: A California State University Collaborative.” Chapter 16 in Archives and Special Collections as Sites of Contestation, edited by Mary Kandiuk, Sacramento: Library Juice Press: 2020.

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Williams, Gregory L., Rachel Mandell, and Maureen Burns. “Granting Wishes: Roles and Challenges Implementing Grants with Multiple Partners” 2016.